Macquarie Pass

Photo credit: (also my sister and an incredible photographer! Go check her out on instagram!)

I am super excited to share this one with you. Macquarie Pass is one of my favourites, if not the favourite place that I have discovered in Sydney so far. There is just something about it that brings me so much joy. The first time that I went to Macquarie Pass was actually on my birthday a few years ago. I had the day off work and some of my friends had planned the day for me. I had no clue where we were going or what to expect.

When we arrived at the carpark it was already so beautiful. It is a small carpark halfway up the Macquarie Pass range, and it is situated on a bend in the road which means that it is very easy to miss. In fact, we missed it the first time and had to turn around and come back for another try.

From the carpark you start on a fairly wide walking track and it doesn’t take long before you are fully surrounded by rainforest. You walk on this track for about 30 minutes and then you emerge into a more open area which always reminded me a bit of Jurassic Park. It has the mountains in the background but you are standing next to an open field with palm trees (or at least something similar, I am no expert!). It is a great place to have a bit of a rest if you need it and have a look at the view. Continuing on it is not long before you make it to the river. The walk is such a beautiful one, but for me the real fun starts when you start climbing upstream. I love taking off my shoes and hopping from one rock to another (it is not a difficult climb, there are plenty of options to choose from).

The first time we went we only went a little bit upstream until we reached a waterfall. There was a little pool at the bottom and even a vine swing (it was literally one that you could sit on and swing like you would at a playground). We had lots of fun checking this area out before we turned around and headed back downstream.

The second time we came back we decided to try and go further upstream so we climbed to the side of the waterfall and made our way further up. This was 100% the right decision because it led us to my absolute favourite part of this area! After climbing for a while and discovering lots of cool little rock pools and fun little passageways between rocks we rounded a bend in the river and there was the most magnificent waterfall! It was quite a tall waterfall that fell into this big pool. It was completely isolated and we had the whole place to ourselves.

I have gone back multiple times since then and have swam in the pool a couple times; in summertime and even in the middle of winter. There is something so peaceful about jumping into chilling water and just paddling around. Once my body warms up I like to just lie in the water and float, listening to the sounds of the waterfall.

I always like exploring new places, but Macquarie Pass is one that I am always keen to go back to. Every time I visit I have such a great time and I have many happy memories there.

The Attitude of Adventure

One of my favourite movie quotes is from the first Hobbit movie, when Bilbo is leaving the Shire and someone asks him where he is going. He responds with ‘I’m going on an adventure!’ I have often been heard quoting this when I am about to start a walk or when I am going out exploring. I just love the excitement that comes with it and the anticipation of new experiences and memories.

As you may have gathered, I am all about adventure! I will likely be referencing it a lot in future posts, and I wanted to explore this concept a bit more to give you a bit of an idea of how I see it.

Here are a few definitions for ‘adventure’ that came up in a quick google search:

– an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks (Merriam-Webster)

– an exciting or remarkable experience (Merriam-Webster)

– excitement and willingness to do new, unusual, or rather dangerous things (Collins Dictionary)

My definition of ‘adventure’ loosely holds to these, with some aspects being truer for me than others. While danger and unknown risks are certainly an aspect of adventures in my experience, I also choose to see smaller, safer things as adventures too. In my opinion, a lot of what makes an adventure is the mindset and attitude that I approach it with. I find that once I decide to view something as an adventure, it becomes more exciting and I get more out of it. Where I may have only seen the negative aspects, I find it easier to pick out the positive and see the good in a situation as well. 

I recently had to do a short time in isolation due to covid and I decided to approach the situation with an attitude of adventure instead of being frustrated and upset about all of the plans that I had previously made that didn’t happen. There were still times that I struggled with being in lockdown and isolation, but I was able to find fun things to keep me busy and for the most part I enjoyed myself and the unique opportunities that isolation provided that are harder to do in everyday life.

So while adventure certainly does include going to the far reaches of the world and seeing new and exciting things, I also experience it right here at home. It isn’t dependent on me being able to travel or being able to afford expensive, unique experiences. I believe that you can make anything an adventure if you embrace the opportunity that is presented.

Introducing Me

I am so excited (and I admit, a little bit nervous) to be starting this blog and to start off I wanted to share a little bit about myself. I am a 22 year-old explorer based just south of Sydney who loves all things adventure. For me, an adventure can be anything from hiking in the mountains to going for a late night Maccas run with my friends. I am passionate about getting out in creation and seeing new places.

If you asked me where I was from, I wouldn’t know how to respond. I have lived in Sydney for the last 5 years, however before that I lived all over, from Victoria to Queensland and even overseas in Papua New Guinea. My childhood normal of constant new places and environments has really fuelled my love of travel and exploration. I have done some overseas travel, but a lot of my travel has been within Australia. In the last few years particularly, I have been learning to appreciate the beauty and diversity of this incredible country that we live in. It is amazing how much there is to see in just one small area of our country.

I have started this blog because of my passion of nature and adventure, and I want to be able to share that with others. I am not sure exactly what this will look like yet, but we will discover this together as we go along! I will probably post on a variety of things from reviews and stories of places that I have visited, to lists of my favourite places, or places that I want to go in the future. There may be some random posts on different topics in the mix too, who knows? I really am just making this up as I go, so we will see what happens! I am so excited to jump into this adventure with you!