Flying Above the Clouds

When you get on a flight what is your preferred seat? Do you choose the aisle seat or the window seat?

I personally, will generally choose the window seat. I love being able to see the views during take off and landing. Even if I have flown in and out of the same airport many times, I never get sick of seeing the buildings getting closer, seeing the ocean and the mountains.

But one of my favourite parts is when you have a flight that happens over sunrise or sunset. When you get to see the beautiful colours over the top of the carpet of clouds. It is breathtaking!

The stunning view from an early morning flight

I lived in the highlands of Papua New Guinea for a few years and to get there you would have to take a small plane from the capital city. They were generally 8 -10 seater planes. These flights have been some of my favourites because you get so much more of an up-close view in a small plane than on commercial flights. You pretty much always have a window seat, and you are flying a lot closer to the clouds. I love that moment when you enter the clouds and you can’t see anything except for fog, and then you come out of it and you are flying amongst the clouds.

Not only this, but the highlands of Papua New Guinea are very mountainous and this creates another layer of beauty with the deep green mountain tops peeking out from amongst the clouds.

Papua New Guinea views

Another one of my favourite aspects of flying closer to the ground with changing scenery below you is spotting the unique aspects of the landscape. I love trying to follow the winding movements of rivers or spotting lone huts in the middle of fields or forests. There is so much to look at and these views well and truly keep me entertained during the flight.

We truly live on a beautiful planet and I feel so blessed that we get the opportunity to see it from this unique angle!

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