The Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains are found in southern New South Wales and they are home to Mt Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia, along with many other peaks. The mountains are a favourite destination for many during the winter months with a couple noteworthy ski resorts (Thredbo and Perisher), although I have not visited during winter yet. My trips have been in the warmer months of the year, from late spring to early autumn. Each time I have stayed in the town of Jindabyne, which is located on the shores of Lake Jindabyne. It is a great central location to reach the ski resorts and to access the Main Range walking track, which I have completed multiple times.

The Main Range walking track is the best way to get to Mt Kosciuszko, and it is a 22km loop. I have really enjoyed the walk, although each time I have come out of it sore and tired. My favourite time to walk it is in late spring, when the track is accessible, but there is still snow on the mountains. There are points where you have to walk over sections of snow to get back to the track and we also did some off track exploring.

A view of Lake Albina from the Main Range walking track

The start of the track is fairly flat for the first few kilometres, and then it’s a steady uphill until you get to Mt Kosciuszko. The top is a great place to stop, have a bit of a rest, and a snack. You can see all around you and it is stunning! Particularly with the mountains capped with snow reaching off into the distance. The rest of the Main Range walk is just as beautiful, with stunning lakes, and views of mountains off into the distance.

Toward the end of the walk there is often a part of me that regrets it, when my feet are exhausted, usually with blisters. This is particularly the case for the last kilometre or so which is a steep uphill, but it makes it all the more satisfying when I get to the top.

When I haven’t been walking the Main Range track, I have spent time exploring the town of Jindabyne and walking along the shores of the lake, enjoying some beautiful sunsets there. (Seriously, they are stunning!) I have also visited Thredbo a few times and looked around the village, and we even got some falling snow on of the trips which was a bonus!

A stunning sunset from the shores of Lake Jindabyne

I absolutely love the Snowy Mountains, there is a joy that I get whenever I am there. It is so different from where I usually live and it is so nice to get away. There is so much exploring that I want to do in the area, so many walks and natural attractions that I would love to visit. I have really only done the Main Range walk and seen parts of the town of Jindabyne, so I look forward to when I am able to see more of the area.

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