There’s nothing quite like lying down and looking up at the stars. Every time I do it, it is such an incredible experience, whether I am hanging out with a group of friends or just out by myself.

I love that stargazing is something that you can do pretty much anywhere – although some places are clearly better than others. But as long as you are not in the middle of the city, usually you can see at least some stars. I also love that you don’t have to dress up. You can wear pyjamas or track pants (I have definitely gone stargazing in a onesie before!) and be completely comfortable, lying under blankets to keep you warm.

For me, going stargazing is a great way to connect with people. I have gone with some groups where we have made a trip out of it – we would pack picnic blankets and other blankets and would stop at the shops to get snacks on our way. We would also bring a speaker and listen to music and spend time just enjoying hanging out. The place where we tend to go is a lookout with a view over Wollongong, a fairly big coastal town, which means that we have a great view of the city at night as well. Often we would switch between enjoying the city views and lying down and looking up at the stars.

When I am looking at the stars, I am reminded at just how incredible this world is. The stars are so far away and yet they look so beautiful (maybe even more beautiful than they would be up close). I believe that God created the earth and the stars and they remind me of the promises that He has made to me. The fact that the God of the universe, that put the stars in the sky, wants to have a personal relationship with me. I feel so small, when looking at the stars, but I am reminded that even though I am small, I am not insignificant.

Regardless of your beliefs and whether stars carry any meaning to you or not, I would encourage you to go out and have a look at the stars when you get the opportunity to. They are so incredibly beautiful, and you never know – maybe you will see a shooting star!

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