You Yangs Regional Park

One area that I have been wanting to explore for a while now is the You Yangs Regional Park in Victoria. My brother moved to Geelong just over a year ago and I went down to visit him around this time last year. In preparation for my trip I had done a bit of researchContinue reading “You Yangs Regional Park”

Autumn colours at the Valley of Liquid Ambers

In Australia, we are back into autumn! Growing up I was always adamant that winter was my favourite season. I much prefer the cooler weather and I enjoy hiking, which is really nice when it isn’t stinking hot. But in the last few years I have come to appreciate autumn much more to the pointContinue reading “Autumn colours at the Valley of Liquid Ambers”

Arthur’s Seat

Following on from my post last week, Arthur’s Seat is another place that I revisited recently after spending many hours there growing up. It is a lovely area that has so much to offer, from beautiful gardens and lovely walks to gondola rides (or a chairlift as it was when I was growing up). ItContinue reading “Arthur’s Seat”