Seventeen Seventy

In case you didn’t know where Seventeen Seventy (also written 1770) is, it is located about 6 hours north of Brisbane. I didn’t know that 1770 was a place at first, in fact, I thought that my parents were kidding when they initially said that we were going there on one of our trips. But it is a place, in fact, it is actually a very beautiful town on the coast!

I first visited 1770 a few years ago when we were driving down to the Sunshine Coast. We were taking it fairly slow, taking a few days to do the drive and stopping off and staying with numerous family and friends overnight on our way through different towns. We had planned to camp at 1770 overnight before continuing down to our final destination on the Sunshine Coast for a few weeks. Funnily enough, we actually didn’t end up staying overnight, as we all elected to just drive the last few hours on the same day so that we could see our family sooner and stay in an actual bed. But we did still visit 1770 for a few hours. We went to the headland and did the short walk to the lookout before going off track and exploring the beaches and rocks and making our way back to the parking lot our own way. We then went for a swim before hopping back in the car for the final few hours of driving.

My second visit to 1770 was at the start of this year when we stayed in nearby Agnes Water for a week. We started the trip off with a solid 16 hour drive from Cairns (more like 19 including breaks) and didn’t get into our accommodation until late that evening. Over the span of the week we did a variety of activities from going for walks along the beach, to enjoying sunsets at the 1770 headlands. On one day we went out to a sandbar and took turns riding jet skis around and I even got to have my first go at driving the jet ski under the supervision of my uncle. It was a lot of fun racing over the waves and hanging out on the sandbar when others were having a go. The only downside to the day was the massive sunburn that I got, which made me very sore over the next few days. I did still get out a few times including one day to explore a bit of the coast just down from Agnes Water and I am very glad that I did. I love walking along parts of the coast that are made up of a variety of beaches with different lengths and landmarks. It is exciting to just continue for as long as you want. Because I was still very sunburnt I elected not to go too far this time and I found a shady spot to sit down and read while the rest of my family continued on. It was lovely sitting in the shade watching the ocean and reading.

I had a great visit to 1770, not just because of the beautiful nature, but also because it was a very special time to see family that I don’t get to see very often. The trip ended with another long road trip back up to Cairns, although this one was much more eventful starting with getting lost, followed by a popped tire and then a couple hours of waiting on the side of the road for flooding to go down so that we could continue. It was a long day, but definitely a memorable one!

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