The town of Bowral is located in the Southern Highlands, south of Sydney. It is known for a few things including the Tulip Time Festival in the spring and its vibrant trees in the Autumn. I have visited a number of different times and seen different aspects of the town. One visit I went specifically to go op-shopping, and other times I have been to see the natural attractions in the area. Bowral is one of the charming towns that you can visit a number of times and still discover new things each visit.

One such discovery I made on one of my more recent visits is an antique market called Dirty Janes. It is not located on the main street so I didn’t notice it until some friends took me there. But I have loved it ever since and I stop in every time I go. Dirty Janes is located in a big warehouse and it is one of those places where it is so easy to get lost because there are so many different rooms, and little nooks and passageways. It has everything from books to clothes to décor and so many other random trinkets. I have only bought a few things from there, but they have ranged from an arrow (yes, as in that you shoot out of a bow), a pair of shoes and some earrings. I would highly recommend you stop by there if you get a chance – it is a treasure trove just waiting to be explored!

Bowral in autumn

As you know, I am one who is always looking for new natural attractions to visit. So when I took a solo trip down there earlier this year I did some research and found some lookouts to visit. The Mt Gibraltar lookout is located about a short 5-minute drive from the centre of town, but the end of the drive feels so remote you would forget you were still close to the town. That is, until you reach the lookout where you are provided with a stunning view of the town along with the fields and hills surrounding it. This view is particularly beautiful in autumn when you can see all of the orange, yellow and red trees scattered throughout the streets. From this lookout you can either drive or take a walking track around the side of the mountain to the next lookout, which honestly is my favourite. It is more remote so there is less likelihood of lots of visitors and while the highway is below you, the view is less of buildings and streets and more of nature.

And finally, which I have already touched on briefly, but definitely deserves some focused attention, is the trees in autumn. Earlier this year I was starting to notice some of the colourful trees where I live closer to Sydney, but only a tree here or there, they weren’t very frequent. But it was enough to leave me wanting more. So I headed down to Bowral and it was well worth the trip. I stopped in the town first, but then I just went for a drive. No destination or direction, just going wherever I felt to and enjoying the views. It was so relaxing and it really filled me up.

Fun with leaves

I then went back again not long after with a group of friends and we spent some time in a park just playing in the leaves. I never really had spent time doing this as a child and for some reason it is something that I only pictured happening in America, or in movies. So to experience it for myself was exciting and I definitely felt like a little kid. Add to this the fact that we found the best climbing tree that I have seen for a long time (I absolutely love climbing trees!) and I was spending the day with good friends, it made for an incredible trip.

I have many fond memories from my visits to Bowral and I would highly recommend a stop there if you are ever nearby. There is so much to see (much more than I have even seen myself) and it has a lovely atmosphere.

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