Sydney Harbour

I’ve never been much of a city person, generally preferring to go out exploring in areas with more nature – to the mountains or to the beach. But every once in a while, it is nice to change things up and go exploring in the city. I have visited many different areas in Sydney city, but the harbour would have to be the most well-known.

Climbing the mast of a tall ship in Sydney Harbour

My first time visiting the harbour was before I moved to Sydney when I was passing through on a road trip. We did all the usual touristy things from walking across the Harbour Bridge to walking around the Opera house. We even stopped to see a busking act involving a guy riding a 12-foot-high unicycle. On the same trip we were able to sail on a tall ship in the harbour. It was a very unique experience and one that I very much enjoyed. I even got to help steer the ship briefly and climb to the top of the mast. It was certainly a fun and unique way to see Sydney Harbour, one that I am very grateful that I got to do.

Since moving to the area, I have visited Sydney Harbour numerous times, mostly to visit with friends that are passing through – it is a great place to meet up because it is very easy to find! I’ve spent plenty of time catching up with friends while walking around the Opera House and crossing the Harbour Bridge.

I have also gone to Vivid, which is an annual light festival held in Sydney where they light up areas all around Sydney Harbour, including the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens. It really is a great time, wandering around and looking at all of the different light shows. While I enjoy the multicoloured displays, I must say my favourites are some of the simpler ones, the ones with just one or two colours, often they have a more elegant feel to them. It certainly is a different way to see the Harbour, at night lit up amongst crowds of people.

Although I tend to visit other places over the city, Sydney Harbour is definitely somewhere you should visit if you ever get the opportunity. It really is a unique place.

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