Canyoning in the Blue Mountains

Ever since I discovered that canyoning was a thing it has been high on my list of things that I wanted to do. (I don’t have a bucket list as such, but if I did it would be close to the top.) It has been a few years since I first found out about itContinue reading “Canyoning in the Blue Mountains”

Sunset Photoshoots

I am very blessed to have a sister that is an incredibly talented photographer. Growing up she was always taking photos of our family and our adventures, and this has continued as we have all grown up and become adults. She has taken wedding and engagement photos for my brothers as they have gotten marriedContinue reading “Sunset Photoshoots”

Venturing Out Again

It has been a long six months of lockdowns and restrictions in Sydney, but things are starting to change! Slowly, everything is opening back up, which also means that exploring and adventuring are an option again. And I am SO excited! For the first time since I started my blog, I am actually able toContinue reading “Venturing Out Again”

Palona Cave, Royal National Park

I have done a few walks in the Royal National Park near Sydney and I have really enjoyed each one of them, although they were all quite different! I have done a walk along the beach and a forest circuit, but the most recent one I did was to Palona Cave. I found out aboutContinue reading “Palona Cave, Royal National Park”

Bungonia National Park

Something you may not know about me if you haven’t read my other blog posts is that I love exploring. I love going on adventures, whether it is a day trip closer to home or bigger trips for longer periods of time. I am always looking for new places to visit and I look forwardContinue reading “Bungonia National Park”

Figure Eight Pools

It took me a few years of living in Sydney before I actually made it to the Figure Eight Pools. I had heard a bit about it, and it was something that piqued my interested because of the fact that in order to access the pool you have to time your visit around the tide.Continue reading “Figure Eight Pools”