The Beauty of Creation

We live in a world that is full of so much beauty, particularly in nature – the majesty of the mountains… the elegance of a swan gliding across a lake. I have always loved getting out and exploring – seeing new things and enjoying God’s creation.

But I can sometimes forget to do this, particularly in the last few months when I haven’t been able to get out and about as much. Recently I was given a verse that touches on nature and how it points us back to God – Isaiah 55:12.

“You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

I spent some time reflecting on this verse and was reminded of just how incredible nature is and the way that it always points us back to God. I wrote a prayer which kind of turned into a bit of a poem, and I thought I would branch out and share it with you. I hope you enjoy it:

All of creation knows just how incredible you are

 It is constantly worshipping you and we get to sit and watch!

I feel so blessed and honoured to watch the birds singing, the trees clapping their hands, the mountains bursting into song

I love watching the passing of the seasons – throughout all of it you are visible

I can see you in summer in the crashing of the waves at the ocean and the crabs climbing around in rock pools

I can see you in winter in the peace and stillness, in the stunning beauty of bare trees, the odd flower resiliently peeking up through the soil

I can see you in autumn, in the brilliance of the trees, in the yellows, oranges and reds

I can see you in the spring and abundance of new growth, in the flowers and trees. And so many young animals just learning the ways of the world. Curious in their innocence, wanting to play and frolic with each other

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