Memories while Adventuring

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and then you look back and remember vividly what you were talking about and where you were? For example, you are going on a hike and you remember exactly what you were talking about when you got to a particular lookout, or when you stopped to enjoy the view along a hike.

And then if you ever go back to that place, you can clearly remember the conversation that you had that one time. I honestly don’t know how this works, but I have experienced it myself.

One of my favourite memories like this is from the first time I did a walk in Cairns called the Green Arrow. It is a pretty long hike that starts in suburbia and makes its way up to the top of a mountain where it connects up with a few other trails named after different colours – Blue, Red, Yellow. I have walked all of these tracks at different times and I have really enjoyed them, but for some reason I have the most vivid memory from walking the Green Arrow.

The start of the track is fairly relaxed and after the first hundred metres of walking on a fire track it opens up to a grassy field with an incredible view over Cairns. Naturally the first thing that came to my mind when I emerged onto this open field was the opening song from the Sound of Music – ‘The Hills are Alive’ when Maria is spinning around on the mountain. We stood and enjoyed the view for a while (and took the obligatory jumping in mid-air photo) before continuing onto the rest of the hike. My dad had recently read a book that dove into the Sound of Music movie, about the making of it and the real-life story that it was based on. So we spent the next 30-40 minutes talking about what he had learned. Talking about the fun facts and obscure trivia. (Did you know that when they shot the opening scene of the movie where Maria spins around on the hill the helicopter kept getting too close and blowing her to the ground at the end of every take?)

This is such a vivid memory for me and a pleasant one because it involves so many of my favourite things – hiking, spending time in nature and having quality time with my family.

I don’t just have this with conversations, but with songs too. One night I was on a spontaneous adventure with some friends – you know the one, where you randomly decide to go out and what starts as a Maccas run then goes to hanging out at a park or wandering around K Mart in the middle of the night. These are some of my favourite times and something that always brings up the atmosphere even more is music. This particular night was the one that I was introduced to the song ‘Mountains’ by Hans Zimmer. It comes from the movie Interstellar and it is an incredible instrumental with amazing bass. We turned up the bass in the little car so that as the music built we could feel it all around us. It was such an incredible moment and such a great introduction to the song. I have since watched Interstellar and the music and cinematography is beautiful.

I love times like this, where fun with friends and family is paired with having great chats or listening to incredible music that create lasting memories.

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