Shades of Green

“What’s your favourite colour?”

When I was growing up, my answer to this question changed constantly. It would depend on many different things such as how I was feeling at the time, who was around me and what colours they liked, and what colours I could see at that specific moment.

But for many years now, my answer has remained the same – green.

Probably the main reason for this is because of how much green is reflected in nature.

It is currently springtime in Australia and let me tell you, there has been no shortage of rain … or green! Because we have had consistent rain in the last few months, there is so much green everywhere. I live in an area with lots of rolling hills and open fields, and lots of trees. So when you look out the window there are always lots of different shades of green, from the lighter green of the grass to the darker green of some trees and many shades in between. It is in scenes like this that other colours pop, such as the purple jacaranda trees.

I have heard the phrase ‘there is so much green’ said many times in the last few months and I have said it myself just as many times. And it is true. And it brings my heart so much joy! I feel so much more peaceful and refreshed when I have looked outside and taken in the scenery.

I was recently visiting a friend’s property and they have a forresty area on the property with a little gully and a small dam at the bottom. I went exploring in this area and at one point I looked down the length of the gully and saw what looked like a river made out of grass. It literally looked like it was winding down the gully with a bright green colour for the grass and trees in varying shades of green on it’s ‘banks’. I loved seeing this aspect of nature that isn’t quite right, but still oh so beautiful.

On the same trip we also visited a nearby campground which had a stream winding through it and one view that I enjoyed was the sight of a curve in the stream with a house behind it, and the house was multiple shades of green as well. It fit so well into the scene and didn’t stand out as something manmade amongst the beauty of nature.

I have discovered in the last few years that my favourite shade of green is a forest green or an emerald green. I tend to prefer these darker shades of green that often reflect nature well. I definitely enjoy the other shades, but often come back to these two when I am thinking of my favourites.

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