Breakfast at the Top of the Yellow Arrow

I have written in previous posts about my experience walking the Green Arrow track in Cairns, so today we are moving on to the Yellow Arrow track! This walk is located in the Mt Whitfield Conservational Park and is 1.9km long with a steady uphill climb.

When I lived in the area I had seen the Yellow Arrow on signs and had seen the track from the road and I had wanted to do it for a while. But it took until after I have moved away and was home visiting my family before I got around to doing it. But when I did, I really enjoyed it! It is the perfect walk do in between activities when you are in Cairns for the day, as my family live an hour away and will often try to combine activities when we make the drive. So if you have a commitment in the morning and then a break before the afternoon, the Yellow Arrow is a nice activity to fill in the time.

I have done the Yellow Arrow track a few times, but the most memorable one is the latest time, which was a sunrise walk before we picked up family from the airport. We decided to do the drive early with the aim to catch sunrise at the top of the hill, enjoying breakfast with a view before heading back down to the airport.

We looked very odd compared to the early morning runners that were easily passing us as we walked barefoot up the hill with our backpacks full of breakfast ingredients and utensils. But we enjoyed ourselves and when we got to the top we were glad we brought it all. The top of the hill has an open section that faces the airport so you get a lovely view of the planes taxiing and taking off and landing.

We decided to go gourmet with our breakfast so instead of just taking something ready made that we could eat straight away, we brought pancake mix complete with a gas stove and pan to cook them over. As people completed their runs up and down the mountain we sat there chowing down on pancakes and enjoying the view.

It was such a great way to start the day and to work off my breakfast at the same time!

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