Venturing Out Again

It has been a long six months of lockdowns and restrictions in Sydney, but things are starting to change! Slowly, everything is opening back up, which also means that exploring and adventuring are an option again. And I am SO excited!

Enjoying the view on my first adventure post lockdown

For the first time since I started my blog, I am actually able to share some of my real time adventures – something that I am very excited about! I will still write posts on my previous adventures, but as I start to do more I will hopefully share these things with you too!

When I was able to go out and about again, the first thing I did was to go to the beach to watch the sunrise. A friend and I got up at 4:30am, made ourselves some warm drinks and drove down to Wollongong. The night before we had made some blueberry muffins to enjoy on our little adventure. We thought at first that we might have missed the sunrise – there were clouds along the horizon, but 15 minutes or so after we arrived the sun peeked out above the clouds and it was stunning! It got more beautiful as it got higher and then it disappeared into more clouds again, sending out light rays in lots of different directions.

After we had enjoyed the sun and the waves for an hour or so we packed up, but we weren’t ready to head home yet, so we decided to take a more roundabout way. We drove north along the various beaches and over the Seacliff Bridge. It is a beautiful drive with stunning views of the ocean on one side and the hills on the other. We stopped at Bald Hill Lookout and looked back on where we had just driven. It was such a gorgeous view and I never get sick of it!

I had a great morning and it was so refreshing after spending so long stuck at home! To actually get out and spend time at the beach, enjoying the fresh air and the sound of the waves. And I also got to do something that I have missed quite a lot – driving with a friend, listening to music and singing along! Its something that I have taken for granted until I wasn’t able to do it for so long!

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