Sunset Photoshoots

I am very blessed to have a sister that is an incredibly talented photographer. Growing up she was always taking photos of our family and our adventures, and this has continued as we have all grown up and become adults. She has taken wedding and engagement photos for my brothers as they have gotten married and when we went away for a sisters adventure weekend recently, we came out of it with many photos. We also found time for a late afternoon sunset photoshoot.

It took us a few tries to actually catch the sunset – the first few days we just missed seeing it, so we left plenty of time the third time around. To get to the photo location we had to walk about 1km that was pretty much straight uphill, so we left with lots of time to spare so that we didn’t have to rush up the hill. We picked the right time of the year to go, as the wildflowers were out in full force. I had done this walk a few times previously, but never had I seen it covered in yellow flowers – it was spectacular.

Once we reached the top we took a minute to have a bit of a rest and enjoy the view and then we got out the camera! My sister was looking for some updated photos of herself (something that can sometimes be lacking when you are always the one behind the camera!) and we also wanted to just have fun and see what photos we could get. We both brought a few dresses with us to change into and it was the perfect afternoon for it. We got plenty of photos of each of us and then right as we were finishing up there was a really beautiful sunset. We were able to sit and enjoy it for a bit before heading back down the hill while we still had some daylight left.

One of my favourite parts of doing a photoshoot is looking at the photos afterward. The excitement of how they turned out and seeing the end result. There were some really lovely photos of both my sister and I and the scenery really was the perfect backdrop.

I am always excited to take photos (although sometimes I struggle to know how to pose, I tend to be a lot more comfortable when I am facing away from the camera) and to capture many different landscapes of nature – there is so much beauty out there!

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