Davies Creek Infinity Pool

This hidden gem is close to my home away from home in Far North Queensland, but it is one that I only visited for the first time earlier this year. When we first moved to the area almost 10 years ago, we visited Davies Creek, but we didn’t venture up to the falls – I didn’t even know that they existed. We had a good time, but we found other swimming areas that we enjoyed more and tended to keep going back to.

But recently I heard about the Davies Creek Infinity Pool and it was immediately added to my list of places to visit. So when I was visiting home recently we added the pool to our itinerary and found an afternoon to head out there.

As you drive out, there is a point where you turn off the highway onto a side road, which fairly quickly becomes dirt road. Just as we hit the dirt it started pouring rain, not just drizzling a little, but really coming down. That might deter most people, but we decided to stick it out and hoped that the rain would ease up by the time we got there. And to our joy, it did!

The road to the infinity pool wound its way up the side of a hill and before we knew it we were at the carpark. The walk to the pool from the carpark is quite short and fairly easy, although it is slightly downhill and to actually get to the pool itself it involves some rock hopping. There are a few lookouts along the way that provide beautiful views of the area, and an aerial view of the infinity pool itself. When we got there I noticed that there were ropes strung across the top of the pool and it took a minute for me to realise that there was actually someone abseiling down the waterfall. While we were there they also started to make their way back up the waterfall and I got to watch them climb the last little bit to the top.

Although the water was pretty cold (even in the middle of summer!) I loved the opportunity to go for a dip in the pool. It was not very deep – I was able to fully go under, but you couldn’t swim from one side to the other without running the risk of hitting the rocks underneath. I was surprised though at how safe the edge of the infinity pool was. I was thinking that I would have to be very careful as I approached the edge, and although I still was, there was actually a place that you could stand where you were right behind the rocks and look out over the edge. Although it wasn’t the sunniest day, the view was still quite beautiful and I enjoyed laying there and taking in the view for a while.

Eventually we hopped out of the pool and headed back to the car. We weren’t in a huge hurry to get back home so we decided to keep exploring and drove further down the road. As we drove, we discovered some great potential camping spots for the future and some walks that I would love to do at some point.

Davies Creek Infinity Pool is definitely worth a visit (and a cliché Instagram photo) if you get the opportunity, it is a very beautiful area!

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