Emerald Creek Falls

Today I want to tell you about a favourite place of mine to visit. Emerald Creek is about a 30-minute drive from Mareeba in Far North Queensland. It is probably one of the places that my family have revisited the most since moving up there. Even getting to the carpark is an adventure involving redContinue reading “Emerald Creek Falls”

Canyoning in the Blue Mountains

Ever since I discovered that canyoning was a thing it has been high on my list of things that I wanted to do. (I don’t have a bucket list as such, but if I did it would be close to the top.) It has been a few years since I first found out about itContinue reading “Canyoning in the Blue Mountains”

Walking Amidst the Clouds

I have probably mentioned before that one of my favourite things when I am out in nature is when you see a mountain, covered in trees, and then you see some clouds just floating amongst the trees. When I lived in Papua New Guinea, we would fly on a small plane to get to whereContinue reading “Walking Amidst the Clouds”

Davies Creek Infinity Pool

This hidden gem is close to my home away from home in Far North Queensland, but it is one that I only visited for the first time earlier this year. When we first moved to the area almost 10 years ago, we visited Davies Creek, but we didn’t venture up to the falls – IContinue reading “Davies Creek Infinity Pool”

Dangar Falls

Dangar Falls is located just outside of the town of Dorrigo, which is between Coffs Harbour and Armidale in northern NSW. It is part of the area known as Waterfall Way, which as indicated by its name, has many spectacular waterfalls on display. Because we were popping in for an afternoon, we only stopped atContinue reading “Dangar Falls”

Palona Cave, Royal National Park

I have done a few walks in the Royal National Park near Sydney and I have really enjoyed each one of them, although they were all quite different! I have done a walk along the beach and a forest circuit, but the most recent one I did was to Palona Cave. I found out aboutContinue reading “Palona Cave, Royal National Park”

Great Ocean Road

I spent a lot of my childhood in Victoria and there were a group of families from my church at the time that would go camping on most long weekends. We went to lots of different places throughout the years, but one of the most regular trips that we took was to Airey’s Inlet atContinue reading “Great Ocean Road”