Emerald Creek Falls

Today I want to tell you about a favourite place of mine to visit. Emerald Creek is about a 30-minute drive from Mareeba in Far North Queensland. It is probably one of the places that my family have revisited the most since moving up there. Even getting to the carpark is an adventure involving redContinue reading “Emerald Creek Falls”

Walking Amidst the Clouds

I have probably mentioned before that one of my favourite things when I am out in nature is when you see a mountain, covered in trees, and then you see some clouds just floating amongst the trees. When I lived in Papua New Guinea, we would fly on a small plane to get to whereContinue reading “Walking Amidst the Clouds”

Davies Creek Infinity Pool

This hidden gem is close to my home away from home in Far North Queensland, but it is one that I only visited for the first time earlier this year. When we first moved to the area almost 10 years ago, we visited Davies Creek, but we didn’t venture up to the falls – IContinue reading “Davies Creek Infinity Pool”

Breakfast at the Top of the Yellow Arrow

I have written in previous posts about my experience walking the Green Arrow track in Cairns, so today we are moving on to the Yellow Arrow track! This walk is located in the Mt Whitfield Conservational Park and is 1.9km long with a steady uphill climb. When I lived in the area I had seenContinue reading “Breakfast at the Top of the Yellow Arrow”

Memories while Adventuring

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and then you look back and remember vividly what you were talking about and where you were? For example, you are going on a hike and you remember exactly what you were talking about when you got to a particular lookout, or when you stopped to enjoyContinue reading “Memories while Adventuring”

My Top 10 Places to Visit in Cairns

Although I am now settled in Sydney, I have moved around a lot in my life. And one of the places that I lived for a few years (and still the place that I go home to visit my parents) is close to Cairns in Far North Queensland. I actually lived on the Atherton TablelandsContinue reading “My Top 10 Places to Visit in Cairns”